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St. Dizier 1987

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Date: 10 May 1987

Made by: Herbert Dederichs


3520 		RF-4E 		AG 52 liz c/s
4507 		Tornado J	aboG 33
E 22/314-LQ 	Alphajet 	GE 314
50 		Atlantic 	no badge (23 F)
197/7-JB 	CM.170R 	Base Flight
363/7-JH 	CM.170R 	Base Flight
A 28/3-XC 	Jaguar A 	EC 3
A 76/7-HL 	Jaguar A 	EC 7
A 61/7-IF 	Jaguar A 	EC 7
E 39/11-YX 	Jaguar E 	EC 11
E 7/7-PI 	Jaguar E 	EC 7
31/2-LP 	M.2000C 	EC 2
34/13-SR 	Mirage 5F 	EC 13
623/33-CM 	Mirage F.1CR 	ER 33
250/DD 		Mirage IIIB 	CIFAS 328
535/3-IK 	Mirage IIIE 	EC 3
44/BQ 		Mirage IVA 	EB 94
63 		Super Etendard 	11 F 
4023/BYI 	SA.342M 	3 RHC
XZ998/J 	Harrier GR.3 	233 OCU
80-0206/WR y 	A-10A 		81 TFW
J-201 		F-16A 		315 Sq
J-205 		F-16A 		315 Sq
46 		CM.170R  	ex CEV (also in the static as crane demonstrator)
E(59)/0		Alphajet 	Patrouille de France
E(55)/-		Alphajet 	Patrouille de France
E173/1		Alphajet 	Patrouille de France
E14/2		Alphajet 	Patrouille de France
E156/3		Alphajet 	Patrouille de France
E171/4		Alphajet 	Patrouille de France
E155/5		Alphajet 	Patrouille de France
E174/7		Alphajet 	Patrouille de France
E61/8		Alphajet 	Patrouille de France
E58/9		Alphajet 	Patrouille de France
F87/61-ZE 	C.160F 		ET 61
F203/64-GC 	C.160NG 	ET 64
2053/67-FC 	Al.III 		EH 67
02/VV 		CAP 20 		GI 312
33-/2-LQ 	M.2000C 	EC 2
305/7-JI 	MH.1521M 	Base Flight
37/13-PB	Mirage 5F 	EC 13
53/13-PC	Mirage 5F 	EC 13
14/13-PP	Mirage 5F 	EC 13
19/AR		Mirage IVA 	EB 94
24/AW		Mirage IVA 	EB 94
34/BG		Mirage IVA 	EB 94
81/AH 		Nord 262D
XZ138/K 	Harrier GR.3 	233 OCU
81-0981/WR m 	A-10A 		81 TFW
81-0988/WR pr 	A-10A 		81 TFW
84-1304/HR y	F-16C 		50 TFW
84-1315/HR y	F-16C 		50 TFW
A59/7-HB	Jaguar A 	EC 7
A22/7-HC	Jaguar A 	EC 7
A35/7-HG	Jaguar A 	EC 7
A72/7-HJ	Jaguar A 	EC 7
A47/7-HP	Jaguar A 	EC 7
A26/7-HQ	Jaguar A 	EC 7
A21/7-IA	Jaguar A 	EC 7
A25/7-IB	Jaguar A 	EC 7
A38/7-IC	Jaguar A 	EC 7
A33/7-IH	Jaguar A 	EC 7
A80/7-IN	Jaguar A 	EC 7
A39/7-IP	Jaguar A 	EC 7
E4/7-HK		Jaguar E 	EC 7
E22/7-PC	Jaguar E 	EC 7
E35/7-PF	Jaguar E 	EC 7
E3/7-PN		Jaguar E 	EC 7
E8/7-PP		Jaguar E 	EC 7

252/319-DQ 	MD.312
345 		Vautour IIN 	burnt

On display:
28997/1-ET 	F-84F 
16524 		T-33A 

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