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Toulon-St.Mandrier 1996

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Date: 15 June 1996

Made by: Scramble


1107/AZB              SA330B       EA ALAT
4048/AXT              SA342M       EA ALAT
5491/AYB              AS555UN      EA ALAT
1854/DN               SA316B       Séc.Civile

1013, 1018            Alouette 3   23S
6313                  SA365F       36F
134, 137              SA321G       33F
263, 266              Lynx HAS2    31F
804                   Lynx HAS4    31F

Hangar 31F:
269, 275, 627         Lynx HAS2    31F

Hangar 33F:
160, 165              SA321G       33F

Hangar 23S/36F:
1054, 1162            Alouette 2   23S
1279, 2237, 2358      Alouette 3   23S
6436, 6486            AS565AN      36F

Maintenance hangar:
1163                  Alouette 2   23S
1219                  Alouette 3   23S
803, 814              Lynx HAS4    31F
102                   SA321G       33F

Hangar "St. Sophie":
808                   Lynx HAS4    31F

Between hangars:
182                   S-58/HSS-1   preserved

Flying only:
49                    Br1050       nn
21/CE                 CAP231       GI312
18/2-FL               Mirage 2000C EC02.002
F-AZPF                CM175        '28'
F-ZBAU/T-2            S-2          Séc.Civile
F-ZBFW/38             CL-415       Séc.Civile

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