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Barksdale AFB 2011

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Barksdale AFB, LA Airshow
Date: 8 May 2011
156115 CT-156 NFTC  
79-0090/BD, 79-0105/BD OA-10A 47th FS AFRC  
80-0238/DM, 80-0278/DM A-10C 357th FS  
93-1086/WM B-2A 13rd BS  
93-1096/WM B-2A 393rd BS  
61-0008/BD B-52H 93rd BS  
61-0013/LA B-52H 20th BS  
82-0193 KC-10A 60th AMW  
99-0062 C-17A 97th AMW  
91-9144 C-130H 328th AS  
63-4129/OF TC-135W 45th RS  
62-3553 KC-135R 54th ARS  
72-0140/HD QF-4E 82nd ATRS  
72-1485/HD QF-4E AWFC  
81-0022/JZ F-15C 122nd FS LA ANG
88-1682/SJ, 86-1687/SJ F-15E 336th FS  
90-0718/LF, 90-0730/LF F-16C 308th FS  
92-0911 F-16C 157th FS SC ANG
91-0091/XL T-1A 86th FTS  
08-3910/EN T-6A Banshees  
68-8139/HO, 68-8186/HO T-38A 7/8th FS  
68-8172/HO T-38A 7/8 th FS  
64-13265/WM T-38A 509th WG  
07-72015 UH-72A 5th Avn Bat  
80-23443 UH-60A 149th MedCo TX ARNG
165199/NH-411 F/A-18C VFA-86  
161197/G-197 TC-44A nn  
79-0155/BD A-10A 917th WG AFRC
B-52 Flightline:
60-0022/LA, 61-0006/LA B-52H 96th BS  
60-0008/LA B-52H 20th BS  
60-0038/BD, 61-0021/BD B-52H 93rd BS AFRC
North End:
60-0016/LA B-52H std?  
60-0013/LA, 60-0058/LA B-52H 20th BS  
60-0049/OT B-52H 49th TES  
61-0010/LA B-52H 20th BS  
61-0019/LA, 60-0021/LA B-52H 96th BS  
B-52Hs of the 93rd BS, AFRC, coded BD:
60-0035, 60-0041, 60-0042, 60-0061, 61-0029, 61-0031, 61-0038
Christmas tree Area:
60-0024/LA, 61-0004/LA B-52H 20th BS  
60-0048/BD, 60-0022/BD B-52H 20th BW  
60-0025/LA B-52H 20th BW  
B-52H platforms:
60-0015/BD 60-0038/- 60-0045/BD 60-0054/LA
61-0006/LA 61-0012/LA 61-0036/LA 61-0016/LA 61-0031/-,
These were logged, but no position was given.
Unfortunately some of the B-52 units were not seperately identified, But this list does give a good idea what was to be seen. The 60-0016/LA was parked on a revetment on the north side of the ramp and carried a very faded grey c/s. This one looks stored or an instructional?
A lot of nice visitors on the ground, only few in the air. Around noon one of the B-2s left for a 5 hour mission, callsign Reaper 11. The plane had to backtrack first before taking off and made two interesting passes giving it ample photo opportunities. As it made a flyby at New Orleans saturday, I guess it will have flown there today as well.
One B-52 arrived around 1300 with a high speed pass, always impressive from a bone for a 360 turn and an airbase attack which they call the “wall of flame”.
Further not much military in the air, except for the excellent A-10 West Coast demo and a few high speed passes from the Phantom, together with a P-51 they made a few heritage passes.
From noon on the sun in the back, although it was cloudy sometimes. It got a lot better in the afternoon.


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