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Niagara 2006

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Date: 27 August 2006

Made by:


188749			CF-188		410sq                   
C-FBOY	                Beech A65	Ontario Inc     
C-GBVB	                Beech 601P	Highline Produce

Fox hangar:
C-FXIK			Ce180H		Fox Aviation

East side:
C-GZPR			Stearman	Invicta
N55192			T-34A		ex 55-0192

South side hangar:
C-FCBL			H269B		D.W. Holdings
C-FTRJ			Ce150K		M. Williams
C-GSDK			Stearman	D.W. Holdings
C-FJMR "CF-JMR"		Globe GC-1B	D.W. Holdings
CF-KCB			Republic RC-3	D. Willcock

188720			CF-188		425sq                     
C-FPUG	                T-28C		ex Bu146279               
C-FHWX	                Harvard MkII	ex CAF AJ583      
N134JC	                T-34		ex 55-0255                
N308DB	                Su-26M		Rick Volker               
N497CA	                C212-200	Fayard Enterprises

And the Snowbirds with CT-114 Tutors:
114009/1	114058/2	114159/3	114013/4
114149/5	114109/6	114050/7	114104/8
114146/9	114145/10	114131/11

Pleasure flights:
C-FFUJ			Bell 206B	National Helicopters
C-GDIL	                CeU206D		Niagara Air Tours           
C-GIGS	                Bell 206B	National Helicopters
C-GMXZ	                CeU206F		Niagara Air Tours           

C-GCTL			PA-30		J. Pace          
C-GGYZ	                Ce172M		Niagara Air Tours
C-GJSQ	                Ce172P		Niagara Air Tours

C-FIPO			PA-46		Invicta Air         
C-GCNU	                CeU207A		Niagara Air Tours   
C-GDJX	                Skybolt Steen	D. Willcocks
C-GHKO	                Mooney M20C	T. Crech    
C-GQYE	                PA-28		K. McNeish          
C-GRNC	                CeU206F		Niagara Air Tours   
C-GXCY	                PA-31		Waterford           
C-GXET	                Ce182P		Ontario Inc         
C-GYIS	                CeA185F		Northern Thunderbird

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