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Patuxtent River 2011

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Patuxtent River Air Expo
Date: 4-9-2011
08-3906/XL T-6A 96th FTS  
89-00162 CH-47D B/5-159 Avn  
159909/SD-536 EA-6B VX-23  
161326 UC-12B NAS PAX River  
163846 RC-12M VXS-1  
165294/294 E-2C-II VX-20 #
164407 E-6A SCW-1  
161947/SD-323 F/A-18B VX-23  
164632/AF-03 F/A-18C VFC-12  
165210 F/A-18C VX-9  
165875/SD-120 F/A-18F VX-23  
166641/SD-521 NEA-18G VX-21  
159209/HX UH-1N HX-21  
166562 MH-60R HX-21  
167876 MH-60S HX-21 #
168248/73 H-72A USNTPS  
154589/RL-589 NP-3D VXS-1 #
167952/952 P-8A VX-20 #
160581/701^ S-3B VX-30 #
159713/713 T-2C VX-20  
165966/F-100^ T-6A TW-6 #
164169/E^ T-34C TW-5  
164172/5-TW-15^ T-34C TW-5 #
701575/16 T-38A USNTPS  
160984/G-424^ T-44A TW-4  
165080/SD-201 T-45C VX-23  
165598/1-TW-101^ T-45C TW-1  
144670/30 NU-1B USNTPS  
6522 MH-65D Atlantic City  
N39WF L-39C ex Russia 232218  
N73437 N2S-3 as USN 222  
N75NM N2S-5 as USN 235  
153071/SD-220 F-4J Pres  
155049/SD-300 NA-4M Pres as ‘4059’ $
161623/220 F-14A Pres  
Inside Hangar:
3296 P-3C RoNAF  
161947 F/A-18B VX-23  
166768 UH-1Y HX-21 (in hangar)  
Red 74 MiG-21MF pres cockpit only  
164763 C-130T Blue Angels  
166491/70 MV-22B HX-21  
94-0042/SW F-16C 20th FW  
85-01608 C-31A Golden Knights  
N9422 Sea Harrier FRS2 Ex royal Nayy XZ439    
NX44VY Ely – Curtiss replica    
N28XT T-28B ex USN 138339  
N73MG T-28B ex USN 138360  
NX194RR T-28B ex USN 138194  
N240CG T-28C ex USN 146240  
NX289RD T-28C ex USN 140576  
N688GR T-28C ex USN 140581  
F/A-18A*/C of the Blue Angels:
163451/1, 163768/2, 163498/3, 163093/4*, 163435/5, 163455/6
Flying only:
N9079Z TB-25N ex 43-0734  
167811 MZ-3A VXS-1  
163937 AH-1W HX-21  
152578 CH-46E GIA  
165313/313 C-130T VX-20  
149808/808 KC-130F VX-20  
166473/473 KC-130J VX-20  
160625/625, 160626/626 KC-130R VX-20  
161124/124, 161413/413 P-3C VX-20  
162774/774 P-3C VX-20  
167954/954 P-8A VX-20  
161723/7 F/A-18B Blue Angels  
165542/01, 165544/02 F/A-18F USNTPS  
161539 CH-53E HX-21  
164095 SH-60F HX-21  
165762, 165765 MH-60S HX-21 USNTPS c/s
91-0376/SW F-16C 20th FW USNTPS c/s
N555PF T-28B ex USN 138265  
696044 TH-6B On display  
623625 T-38A On display  
The Ely-Curtiss replica was flying a two-ship with an Osprey as we arrived. This was a very good show, and all free.
On the way out, we got a little lost – Pax River is a huge base – ending up close to the flight lines. However, a word with a friendly, burger eating, policeman, got us on track. The flight lines were over near another set of offices that had a couple of machines on display. There were other aircraft on display around the base, as well as at least one other P-8A inside a hanger. As there were also a lot of air police around with M-16’s, I thought it wise to just wave and carry on driving.
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