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Peachtree 1999

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Date: 11 September 1999

Made by:


Active Aircraft:
64-13438/RA       T37B              12th FTW 
66-00225          MC130P            16th SOW 
69-05791          MH53J             16th SOW 
70-16200          UH-1V             GA ANG 
86-09036          AH64A             1-151st Avn/SC ANG 
91-00258          CH47D             2-159th Avn 
94-26603          UH60L 
95-00002          OH58D 
95-00022          OH58D 
161259/CJ-05      CH53E             HMH-461 
163061/CJ-17      CH53E             HMH-461 

2885              N3N-3             N45163 
3239              N2S-1             N61603 
85028             SNJ-5             N3771M 
91044             SNJ-6             N31443 
97143             F4U-4             N713JT 
112348            SNJ-6             N3238G 
135152            EA1E              N65164 
144041            T34B              N2079A 
41-01511          BT13A             N67598 
42-105867         P40N              N1226N 
43-04433          PT26              N26GA 
43-29832          L4H               N51516 
44-72826          P51D              N51YS     "Old Boy" 
44-83514          B17G              N9323Z    "My Sussie" 
48-00938          L17B              N4903E 
51-03647          T28B              N28FE 
57-03025          OH23D             N11CU 
65-00024          O2B               N102B 
66-17795          OH6A              N992CH 
68-06873          O2A               N5151A 
68-16104          UH1H              N104HF 
76-22599          TAH1P             N599HF 
90+32             P149              N149WB 
KJ508             C45               N70GA 
KG395             C47               N99FS 
                  DC3               N28AA 

79-0345/MC        F16A 

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